Organic Vittoria Coffee capsules

vittoria coffee

I love my morning coffee ritual but keeping up with my online capsule purchasing from Nespresso just wasn’t happening.  I needed something I could grab at the supermarket with the weekly shop for those times I had run out.  I have been really enjoying these compatible pods from Vittoria Coffee. I’ve been using the Vittoria organic range and have found the taste is very comparable to my usual Nespresso ones. They are a smooth flavorsome coffee that makes a perfect latte and the much needed caffeine. I love the individual packaging as it feels like like a little present each morning, probably not great for the environment so hopefully they might be able to find a new packaging method. They are roasted and packed in Australia too which is something I always appreciate.  Tip: Stock up when they go on sale! get yours here Woolworths.

“A day without laughter is a day wasted” coffee cup from Kmart.

How great is Kmart for home wares these days! Kmart has really stepped up in its level of classiness no longer the bogan cousin to other home ware stores it has a huge range of home decor items at ridiculously low I’m loving the oversized coffee cup with the on trend metallic writing “A day without laughter is a day wasted” coffee cup.  Over sized and just makes me happy when I drink from it.  Down side is it can’t go in the microwave and dishwasher but for $3, I ain’t complaining. Get yours here.

Healthy Mummy Cook Book

This book arrived in my PO Box, which was perfectly timed as I’m been wanting to incorporate more vegetarian meals in my family diet.  I used to be vegetarian back in the uni days and decided after becoming gluten intolerant to incorporate some more meat in my diet (there wasn’t the gluten free options we have today back then!) and was starting to look for some more vegetarian options.  As a family we’ve really enjoyed the… and ….. Get yours here. (Healthy Mummy aff lnk)

Garner Fructose Cellular

I’ve usually been a make up wipes kind of gal.  I was picky about which ones I chose bGarnier Micellar Cleansing water  ut as I’ve gotten older, I kind of felt as though I should be taking more effort with my skincare routine.  I was also pretty shocked at how much more make up came off with this stuff.  To be honest, Until I came across this product I was a bit of a make up remover wipes girl.  At the end of the day it was literally all I had the time and energy for.  So I put this make up remover to the test after rave reviews and I can see why.  It’s no drying on the sin but really effective in remove traces of make up including water proof mascara. The real test was when I removed my make up with the wipes and then used the garner make reorder and I saw how much was still on my ‘clean’ skin.  Tip:  It feels a bit of waste throwing out the make up remover pads so I washed a flash washer instead Tip getting the larger make up remover pads! Get yours here.


MIMCO phone cover
MIMCO white iphone cover
I actually got this MIMCO iPhone 6 plus case for my birthday back in November but had to add it into my March favourites as it was totally proven itself as a mummy friendly phone cover over the past 4 months.  I knew I was taking a risk choosing a WHITE phone cover with three young children but amazing it has stayed beautifully white.  I love the crisp white summer feel this case gave me each time I reached into my bag to get it.  I guess it made me feel a young and care free instead of safe with black mummy purchases I would usually make.  It does some with a black pouch that I kept in my hand bag and used when I remembered and has spaces inside for some cards and money notes.  The magnetic strap works really well and the case protects the phone well.  It is hard to get the phone in and out of the case but if you don’t do this often it won’t bother you.  Get yours here.

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