There’s nothing better than knowing you have a getaway coming up. Sometimes it’s even better than the actual getaway itself! A girls weekend away can be with you mum, your sister, high school friends, uni friends, new ‘mum’ friends and could even be with total strangers at a retreat. Here’s what I do to plan the perfect weekend away with the girls to re-charge, have a laugh and focus on your own well being and happiness (so, so important but easy to forget).


The fun part!  Some options could include a winery weekend to the Barossa Valley, SA; the Hunter Valley, NSW or country Rutherglen, VIC (great for friends that might be in Melbourne and Sydney as it’s in the middle).  Even a ‘staycation’ can be great.  Stay local and be a tourist in your own local area.  If you are feel coastal, we are spoilt in Australia for choice with beautiful beaches all around.  Some of may fav’s are Noosa, QLD, Jervis Bay, NSW, and Ocean Grove VIC.


This super eager organiser probably need this getaway the most so has initiated the idea (unless someone else puts their hand up). They facilitate the discussion, make the booking, pay for it (the others then chip in), develops itinerary ideas for discussion etc.  They also get first choice of bed when you all get there as a thank you. Having a set person organising the trip makes it much easier on everyone and if it goes well, you can take it in turns planning the next one.


This could honestly be the most challenging part.  I suggest starting a Facebook group on Facebook to throw in some dates and work out which one will work for you all.  This could be some time in the future given you need a small tribe of people to replace you at home and around partners commitments. That’s okay the anticipation and excitement about going is just as fun as the weekend itself.


It works if everyone put in equal amounts for things that will be equally shared or there aboutsIt’s painful to be nit picking over every little expense but then it’s not fair if someone is not drinking alcohol at dinner and the bill is split.Talk about this early and work out what you are all happy with.  Bringing your own alcohol for pre-dinner drinks is fun and also keeps the costs down.


Food and drinks are one of the best parts of going away.  Having a break from the repetition of family meals and lunch boxes.  All you you need to think about is your self and your belly. Foodie heaven! Enjoy local produce and grab some snacks to have at your accommodation for in between such nuts, dips, cheese, crackers etc and some chocolate!


It’s not a trip away without a little bit of shopping.  Support the local shops and stock up on gifts for birthdays for family and friends and buy something special for yourself as a memento if your time away.  I still think of items such as candles and hand bags from past girl weekends.


Grab some magazines for the trip.  Sometimes the trashier the better.  If you are looking for some more real reading, my favourite mags are The Collective and MindFood & Well-being. Or everyone brings a novel they have read already and you do a swap.


Get out into mother nature It might be a stroll on the beach, a walk through a rainforest or just a walk to dinner.  Whatever it is, getting out into the fresh air will do you good.


There’s nothing like a bit of pampering indulgence while you are away.  It might be a massage or some shellac on the toenails.  Even if you have your own little day spa with the girls at your accommodation,  Face masks, cucumber for the eyes and glass of sparkling is just has fun.


Add a little ritual or tradition to your girls weekend away. Write a letter to future self and include where you would like to see yourself in the next 12 months. Create a a vision board or even just some simple positive affirmations.


What happens on girls weekend, stays on girls weekend.  Always check if funny or silly photos can be posted on social media.  There’s nothing worse than a horrid photo of you has your face tagged in on in along with all the girls friends to see.


Don’t pack your guilt!  It is true, mum’s are often the centre of their child’s universe so be the best mum you can be (that means a happy one) head off on your girls weekend guilt free.  You might actually be surprised how much you enjoy yourself and how the world keeps spinning when you aren’t there. For a couple of days anyway, don’t push it! 😉


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