I’m probably like most mums where we don’t get much time to ourselves, let alone time to go have a spa treat.  I totally believe we should make that time ourselves but realistically we’re lucky if it happening once a year maybe for our birthday or mothers day.

I decide to start a little ritual for my self to have a bath once a month at home and have some time to myself to relax and escape the home routine for a little while.

Give the bath a quick clean and move all signs of children’s toys and I mea everything.  You want this to be about you time and ….
Collect all your beautify products other.  You know those samples you might have, or products you’ve never had a chance to use.  Or maybe treat yourself and buy some new ones.  I bought a new bath bomb from Lush to ry.  I don’t think I’ve used one of these since the 90s.  The other products I used were bath gel from and a clay face mask from Radox bath salts and hair treatment
Have a big glass of chilled water.  Baths can heat you up and you won’t regret having this on standby.  Saves needing to call out to someone to bring you one when you are sweating and  feeling like  you are on a detox.
Reading material.  Grab a novel, magazine, the paper, whatever you never get a chance to read.  You may even just want to listen to music, I do a bit of both
Candles can create a lovely ambience as well, not so great for reading if the bathroom gets to dark but perfect for chilling with music
You might not be bothered doing this (don’t do the hair treatment) but I love to then jump into the shower for a quick wash and wash my hair.  I find a get really hot after the bath and I use the shower to cool down slightly, remove my mask and wash eh hair treatment out.
For the ultimate DIY pampering experience, have a clean pair of pyjamas ready and clean sheets on the bed. I know that is a bit of forward thinking but we all know how amazing it feels to get into bed with clean sheets.
Try not to, actually don’t try, DON”T go on any social media after this experience, just let your brain stay in this relaxed place for as long as possible and have an early night.

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