1. Take them on ‘date’,  just one to one. My kids LOVE this experience and now that the older two will ask for a “mummy and me date” when they are feeling a little bit disconnected from the family when life gets busy. It might be going to a park,  going for a walk, feeding the ducks, seeing a movie.  It’s all about undivided attention and space to allow conversations to flow.

2.  Make up a song with their name in it.  We often do this in car while driving to school or at bath time.  It can just be swapping out a song’s name for theirs e.g “Josie had a little lamb…”, instead of Mary.

3.  Read books together.  Sounds obvious but bedtime can get really rushed and it’s tempting to say “it’s too late now, it’s sleep time”.  I totally get it, when bedtime routine runs late and you are craving some ‘me time’ it can be tempting to skip this step, but experience tells me they will go to sleep faster and deeper because you made them feel special.

4.  Make sure they can hear you when you praise them to someone.  We all know children thrive on praise but there is something extra special when it isn’t directed at them but they hear you talking about something new, funny or interesting to someone else.

5.  Write a lunch box note for them. It can just be on a post-it note, quick and easy and they will feel special and connected to you at childcare, preschool/kindy or school.

6.  Send them a letter in the mail. Snail mail is a thing of the past but that’s what makes it so special. Pop a little letter in the post for them in addition to Birthday cakes, even postcards while on holidays is fun and makes them feel very special.

7.  Tell them a story about your pregnant with them or how you felt after their birth.  It’s become a tradition in our house to do this the night before their birthday.  They ADORE hearing about the pregnancy and birth and hang off every word (I leave out some details of course). Then talk about how happy your were and extended family as well.  I’m teary just writing this!!

8.  Plan their birthday party with them.  Jump on Pinterest and decide on the theme, cake, decorations and then guest list.  Birthdays are one of my children’s most treasured memories and they can name all the themes they’ve had over the years.

9.  Give them a head or foot massage before they go to sleep

10. Go to the library and get them their own library card and borrow books.  You will need ID and bill showing your address to sign up to your local library. A love of reading and learning is such a gift for a child and libraries are really cool places to hang out now.  A card with their name on it will make them feel very special.

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